Create Content Quickly and Efficiently.

XCRIBA is the ultimate partner for companies, screenwriters and authors. It has all the tools necessary to create content quickly and intuitively. You will be able to design, add exercises, videos, photos, interactive material and endless other elements.

No Adaptation Process.

It’s the knowledge that matters.

XCRIBA allows you to create online courses ready to be published almost immediately. You will be able to create final content in XCRIBA with a smooth learning curve, which reduces the cost generated by preparation and adaptation, neither of which are required by XCRIBA.

Order and Natural Structure.

The courses flow coherently.

All the tools and functions which XCRIBA incorporates have been chosen and developed based on years of experience. Thanks to this, each screen will be incorporated naturally, creating coherent and structured courses, no matter how many people take part in the creation of the content.

The Solution to Create Content.

Collaborative and Agile.

Collaborate, duplicate and reuse your content.

Share and develop your courses in a more complete and efficient way.

Customised to Suit your Taste.

All your courses will have a personalised look & feel; however, you will always have the freedom of movement to guarantee the dynamics and essence of each content.

Dynamic and Multi Platform Courses.

Any Place, Any Time.

XCRIBA can be incorporated into any learning platform (LMS) thanks to the SCORM standard. XCRIBA courses can be enjoyed and accessed on all devices, computers, tablets and smartphones, on iOS and android.

Fresh, Modern and Intuitive Layout.

Both authors and students enjoy using XCRIBA thanks to its modern design and user friendly layout.


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